Ralph Seccombe is a retired diplomat, having worked for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, with postings in South Africa, Nigeria, Austria, Poland and Pakistan. He also worked for the then United Nations International Drug Control Program, an experience which led to his publication of two papers, “Squeezing the Balloon: International Drugs Policy” (1995) and “Troublesome Boomerang: Illicit Drug Policy and Security” (1997).

 Ralph Seccombe is a member of the crew of the 19th-century barque James Craig, berthed in Sydney, and has published articles on sailing.

 He is married with three adult children.

 Like the two heroes of this book, he was born in Melbourne. He was educated there and in Cambridge, UK. He lives in Lake Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia.

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From the Suburbs

As well as telling the story of two fine young men, From the Suburbs to the Trenches, the Story of Two Australian Soldiers of the Great War is a reflection on the appeal of war to past generations and the present.